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Day trips and yacht charters in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca

Mallorca, Menorca 
and Ibiza from its most beautiful side

Whether catamaran, sailing yacht or motor yacht, we have the right vessel for your “perfect day” on a catamaran or yacht.

The special experience for your employees

Your individual company event

Whether it’s a small get-together with employees or a big party with business partners and relatives. A company party is always a good way to strengthen cohesion within the company, celebrate joint successes or special occasions.

Pure nature as motivation is certainly an incentive/event on one of our offered ships.

We offer the framework for up to 120 guests.

Various additional activities can be booked in addition. Of course, we also assist you with the transfer of your guests as well as the selection of catering and drinks.

Incentives, events for up to 120 guests

Unique ...

Through our many years of experience, we know what it takes to plan and implement a successful corporate event on Mallorca on a ship. Take advantage of our knowledge and save your internal resources. Work with an experienced expert right from the start, who is also there for you by phone.

With our detailed planning and thorough work, we ensure that everything runs smoothly at your corporate event on Mallorca and that your participants are satisfied.

Pick-up service

Of course, we can organise your transfer from the hotel or airport directly to the ship if you wish.


We will be happy to offer you catering according to your wishes and advise you on the planning here as well.


We are also happy to organise additional activities such as BananaBoat, Speedboat, Parasail etc.

With captain

We offer all our ships for the day trips with captain/crew only, so you can absolutely relax on board.


enjoy the exceptional ambience on board and the beautiful coast of Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca.


We advise you personally and individually and are available for you 7 days a week in the season

Together with your loved ones and/or friends

Day trip on a yacht or catamaran

No matter what reason you have for wanting to spend a whole day or just half a day at sea, we can offer you the “right” ship.

Based on our many years of experience and local contacts, we are happy to support you in planning your special excursion. We know all the excursion ships and partners personally and can therefore advise you optimally on your planning, of course also by telephone.

Yachtcharter Mallorca - Tagesausflug
Feste, Hochzeiten auf einer Charteryacht auf Mallorca, Ibiza oder Menorca

Celebrate your wedding with your guests in an extraordinary location: on a ship in front of the dreamlike scenery of Mallorca’s coast. Also for any other celebration, no matter if it’s a bachelor party, a wedding anniversary, a round birthday or just for fun. We support you with the organisation on site, both with the transfer, the choice of the right ship, the catering and, if necessary, additional fun activities.

Your personal highlight with your friends and family

Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations

Party mit Yachtcharter auf den Balearen
individually tailored to you

Your personal offer

Why wait? Reserve now

We are open Mon-Fri during normal office hours from November to March, and also daily during normal office hours during the season April to October.

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Unverbindliche Anfrage

Wir erstellen ein auf Sie persönlich zugeschnittenes Angebot. Egal ob Tagescharter, ein Incentive oder eine Feier auf dem Meer oder einfach nur ein Tagesausflug.


Regine Wagner
(Inhabererin der Einzelfirma)
Vermittlungsagentur für Yachtcharter

c/o Impressumservice Dein-Impressum 
Stettiner Str. 41
D-35410 Hungen

USt-IdNr.: DE 813386422

Büro : +49 211 2481 8970
Email: info@online-charter.com

Über uns

Wir sind eine deutsche Firma mit Sitz in Düsseldorf. In den Sommermonaten hält sich Frau Wagner auch auf Mallorca auf, um mit den Partnern vor Ort direkt und persönlich zu kommunizieren und die Angebote aktuell zu prüfen.

So können wir Ihnen immer ein umfangreiches und persönlich geprüftes Angebot unterbreiten.

Wir sind Ihr deutscher Ansprechpartner vor Ort.


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Non-binding request

We will create an offer tailored to you personally. Whether it’s a day charter, an incentive or a celebration at sea, or simply a day trip.


Regine Wagner
(Owner of the sole proprietorship)
Yacht Charter Agency
c/o Impressumservice Dein-Impressum
Stettiner Str. 41
D-35410 Hungen
VAT-Nr.: DE 813386422

Office : +49 211 2481 8970
Email: info@online-charter.com

About us

We are a German company based in Düsseldorf. During the summer months, Ms Wagner also stays in Mallorca to communicate directly and personally with the local partners and to check the current offers.

This means that we can always provide you with a comprehensive and personally checked offer.

We are your German contact on site.

Rights of use

The use of this website as well as all resulting contracts and/or legal relationships are subject exclusively to German law, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. (CISG).