There are certainly many questions about a sailing trip, especially if you have no experience. So we have listed some important information.
If you do not find answers in our FAQs, please contact us by phone or email.


In this regard the day trip offers vary considerably. In some trips it is included, in others it has to be booked additionally, and in a few you can bring some yourself. You will receive detailed information with our offer, and usually already in the description of our offer on the website. If you have further questions, you are welcome to get back to us.

luggage for a week’s trip2016-10-16T14:21:12+02:00

We recommend if at all possible not to use suit cases, as storage space is quite limited especially on yachts and suit cases very bulky and difficult to fit in. The better choice is always a travel bag or kitbag.

We recommend to bring:

  • Your passport, of course, if it applies boat- license, mobile phone
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun lotion)
  • your personal supply of medication and first aid
  • if you do not want to go barefoot on board: special board shoes, as ordinary shoes are not welcome
  • bathing wear, a light wind jacket
  • valuables and jewellery: only the essentials, the rest better at home
  • a beach towel or sheets can be booked additionally
  • if you prefer, bring your own snorkel equipment
Pets on Bord2016-04-03T07:55:31+02:00

Animals are not allowed on board.


Our day trips may start from around the island. Information on where your trip starts can be found, connected to the boats, on the Internet, and always in our offer.

You will receive detailed information on where exactly in the harbour you will find/meet the boat/skipper – in time before the trip starts.

luggage/pushchair on day trips2016-04-03T07:57:15+02:00

If you will arrive directly from the airport or carry a pram/pushchair, please, contact us. We will find out if and how this equipment can be stored on board.

On the big Mega-catamarans it is usually not a problem, whereas on yachts space may be tight. But we will find a solution for you.

Recommend to bring on day trips2016-10-16T14:21:12+02:00
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun lotion)
  • your personal supply of medication and first aid
  • if you do not want to go barefoot on board: special board shoes, as ordinary shoes are not welcome
  • bathing wear, a light wind jacket (except in Juli/August)
  • valuables and jewellery: only the essentials, the rest better at home
  • a beach towel
  • if you prefer, bring your own snorkel equipment
Music on Bord2016-04-03T08:01:24+02:00

All ships have music systems on board. Of course you can also connect your music. This is normally no problem.

WC on Bord2016-04-03T08:02:04+02:00

There is always at least one toilet on board, on big catamarans even 2.

Additional Activities2016-04-03T08:04:08+02:00

Additional activities can be arranged with many suppliers.

Please, mention this separately when booking.

Some examples:

  • snorkeling (including some providers)
  • Banana, Wakeboard etc.
  • powerboats
  • Standup paddle
  • Photo service
  • BBQ
  • Live music on Board
Transfer from Hotel/Airport to the Ship2016-10-16T14:21:12+02:00

Contact us, and we come up with an offer.

From 2-weeks charter or for 1-week charter on yachts and catamarans from 50 feet on, as a basic principle we organize transfer from the airport to the base in Palma de Majorca and back without extra cost for you.

Necessary documents2016-10-16T14:21:12+02:00

If for a week´s charter you wish to book the yacht on offer, you will get the charter contract including charter conditions from us or an invoice with all details (than you’ll get the contract from our local partner) after receiving a copy of your ID and certificate of qualification to conduct a yacht by email.

Having received your signed charter contract and/or the deposit, the yacht will be definitely reserved for you and we send you all the necessary information for the take-over.

Weekly price and overall cost2016-10-16T14:21:14+02:00

You will receive a detailed offer including the full cost, a list of all services included and the exact times of hand-over. Should there be additional costs locally, we will certainly let you know beforehand.

What happens, if it starts raining during the sailing trip?2016-10-16T14:21:14+02:00

In case it starts raining during a day trip, that is not going to be a problem at all. In that case almost every boat has a waterproof cover over the deck. If in very rare cases there is no such cover, there is still the option to stay under the deck.

We know from experience, that trips with that surprise shower become fun and unforgettable memories 🙂


What happens, if the weather is really bad on the booked day?2016-10-16T14:21:14+02:00

The day trip will go ahead, if it is only light rain or a few showers. Should weather conditions be really heavy and endanger the safety on board, the trip will be cancelled (only the skipper takes this decision). This can happen until 1 hour before start of the trip.

In case of cancellation due to bad weather, of course we will try and agree with you on an alternative day. Should this not be possible, usually there will be no cancellation fee for the booked boat. Depending on the provider, you may have to pay for the catering, which you will have at your disposal. We will inform you in detail before booking.

Transfer to the ship2016-10-16T14:21:14+02:00

Many colleagues offer transfer for day trips at very good rates. Sometimes it is even included.

If you are a bigger group, we will be glad to offer separate customised transfer from the hotel or airport to the ship and back. Get in touch with us and let us know the number of people and pick-up address. We will send you an individual offer.

Children on board2016-10-16T14:21:16+02:00

With most of the providers, there is no minimum age for children. Even babies and toddlers have sailed with us. There are always facilities for babies to lie and sleep in a safe place. For the little ones able to walk, the swim stops with the chance to jump into the sea from the yacht, usually are the highlight of the trip.

Of course, the safety of your children is of maximum importance for us. This is why we want to supply the right size of life vests for them. It is essential to let us know the ages of your children before the trip.

Security on Bord2016-10-16T14:21:16+02:00

All the ships on offer possess all the required safety equipment and of course, also life vests for all guests. If you accompany little children, please, let us know their ages, so that we can provide the right size and number for the little ones on board.

The crew are experienced sailors and so well able to safely guide the boat. Not all the skippers speak German, but communication in English is always possible.

Do I need sailing experience2016-10-16T14:21:16+02:00

You do not need any sailing experience on our day trips. You will be accompanied by experienced full time skippers. You are welcome to take active part in sailing, but it is not requested.

On the big catamarans an experienced crew accompanies you. For safety reasons, taking active part is not possible in this case. So you have to – can only relax, enjoy the coast with a cool drink and swim or snorkel during the swim stop.

Are there fixed sailing routes?2016-10-16T14:21:16+02:00